With over 8 years of experience commercially, organically, biodiversly farming, Marissa isn’t just knowledgeable, she is an industry leader in the Lowcountry and in Regenerative Agriculture and commercial organic farming.

From growing food for your family to scaling a commercial farm, The Executive in Overalls can help!

Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations can be on zoom, in person at your site or on the farm. They can include everything from having Marissa out to look at your yard and make suggestions for beginning an organic garden, improving an existing organic garden, transitioning from non organic to organic or beginning homesteading concerns and questions that involve animal husbandry. Consultations can also happen on farm, where you have a scheduled time in person with Marissa. You can have a tour of a specific facet of the operation or dive in for a day on the farm covering each revenue stream in depth. Typically clients have some initial goals they’d like to achieve and budget ideas. From there Marissa can help tailor plans and programs to help clients reach their goals over time.

Next Step Consultations

After plans are established, clients may feel like they need assistance putting these plans into action. If multiple visits are required after the initial consultation, Marissa will set up a plan with you to help in the steps toward reaching your goals.

Costs and Scheduling

Marissa charges an hourly rate of $150 per hour including round trip travel time. Clients are billed for no less than 1 hour, even if consults last for 30 minutes. Zoom calls, phone calls and in person consults are billed at the same rate. Typically consultations can be scheduled for Saturday Evenings, Sunday Mornings and Thursdays. Client is billed ahead of service for 1 hour to hold the time slot and then invoiced for additional time spent. For more information regarding consultations, please email the farm manager at or call the farm at 843-473-5231

Gardening is so different here in the Lowcountry and it was great to get some insight into what to plant, when to plant and how to maintain plants here. A terrific experience.

Terry Clark

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