Exclusive Box Subscriber Steak Pre-order

Hello Lowcountry Farm Box subscribers! We’ve created this page exclusively for you to pre-order steaks as an add-on to your box order this month. We would have loved to include them in the survey again this month, but don’t have the volume to do so for these cuts. Don’t worry, we’re in the process of scheduling our next delivery of more steaks for you now!

We still wanted you, our box subscribers, to have first access to these popular products before selling remaining cuts at market, so we’ve created this page as a first-come-first-served pre-order form. You can order directly from here until the product sells out, and we’ll have it ready for pickup/delivery with your June box.

Please note we do have a few cuts available on the survey, in limited quantities. We ask that if you select one of these cuts on the survey, you provide a backup/second choice where indicated (short ribs, tenderized cube steak, stew beef).

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns: 843-473-5231. Thanks!

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