Farm Tours

With over 8 years of experience commercially, naturally, biodiversly farming, Marissa isn’t just knowledgeable, she is an industry leader in the Lowcountry and in Regenerative Agriculture and commercial natural farming.

Looking to learn about regenerative farming? Marissa Paykos, the brain power and visionary behind Whippoorwill Farms Will Take You Up Close and Personal!

Educational Farm Tours

For individuals and groups alike, Marissa Paykos, the brain power behind Whippoorwill Farms will take you on an extensive walk of the farm. If you’re looking for an education in regenerative farming practices & cultivating biodiversity through farming this tour is for you. Marissa will extensively cover how they began farming back in 2015, how the big farm came to be and what the land was like when they started developing it back in 2019. You’ll see how far they’ve come and what their hopes and dreams are for the future and how they work to achieve progress towards those goals every day.

Typically running an hour to an hour and a half long, owner Marissa Paykos leads the group in an extensive and informative walking tour of the entire farm. Learn the role that every livestock rotation plays, each species’ impact. Learn about each selectively cut and cleared tree, each new plant and tree planted and the impact it holds for the future. Learn about the native animals and plants that have come back through the years of developing the property as well. This is your chance to see how our pigs and chickens are raised and rotated through our various forest & pasture sections, and how this changes the environment and improves the health of the land and soil. You’ll also have a chance to see our gardens, and get an overview of what farming with natural, no-till practices looks like.

Costs and Scheduling

Farm Tours begin at a minimum of $225. For groups over 15 people, the Farm Tour is bookable at $15/person. Tours are best for ages 7+. For more information, to inquire about availability, or to book your Farm Tour, email us at or call us at (843) 473-5231.

We truly had no idea of all that went into regenerative farming. Seeing this farm and how it was built from nothing, to all it is and the way in which is was done, has greatly inspired us to know our farmer and shop local.

Maria F.