A Partnership Benefiting Our Local Community

The desire to give back has always been something that has helped to drive our farm forward, even during the times when it seemed like we were so exhausted and so spent, literally, that the idea of success was unattainable. We’ve continued to push through however, keeping our goals and mission in mind and although turning a profit is still something we are far away from, giving back to our community is still at the top of our priority list.

We are so proud to say that for the month of November and December of 2019, we donated $150 to our local community! Chip in with our Round Up for a Change whenever you purchase with us!

Starting, October 8th, 2018, Whippoorwill Farms SC is proud to announce a special partnership and campaign with Bluffton Self Help of Bluffton, South Carolina to give back to our friends in the Bluffton Community. Our favorite thing about Bluffton Self Help is that there are no financial requirements to benefit from their services. This means that no matter what your family’s income is, you can benefit from the ability to go and shop and get food on your family’s table. There are so many people in our community in need of help, even if on the surface it may not seem like it.

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