Assistant Farm Operations Manager

Assistant Farm Operations Manager – Full Time – Long Term – Year Round

Job description: The Assistant Farm Operations Manager is basically the right hand woman or man to Marissa, the farm owner. This job is ALL ENCOMPASSING and is hard to describe without completely overwhelming the potential hire of tasks that would be completed. But in short, the assistant manager would work alongside Marissa when she is on the farm and act in her place when she is not. This includes labor as well as management of livestock, rotations gardens and people. The Assistant Manager reports directly to the farm owner and is in charge of managing a small part time staff and delegating tasks to them as well as organizing weekly volunteers. Experience in organic farming is not necessary but a plus. We are happy to train the right person with the right attitude. The manager will need to have the following qualities: strong work ethic, a desire to learn and grow, positive attitude, desire to self start, desire to try new things and experiment, a positive attitude and an open mind. Assistant manager must also be incredibly organized and committed and flexible. Our ideal candidate conducts themselves as a leader, leads by example and isn’t afraid to get the job done. This job is best suited for someone that doesn’t have a lot of obligations or responsibilities outside of work as this job can be demanding and at times, unpredictable by nature. As an example, it’s possible that you’re trying to get off the farm at a certain time and you turn around and all the pigs have gotten loose. You’d be expected to help make sure this situation is remedied before you leave for the day.

What are the hours like: Assistant Manager can make own hours as long as no less than 40 hours per week and no more than 50 hours are being fulfilled. Manager should realize, some weeks schedules will be more than 40 hours, but the manager should keep a healthy work life balance when possible as it’s easy to overwork on a farm. The manager is responsible for tracking hours worked each week and turning them into the spreadsheet. The assistant manager should be prepared to work any day of the week, not just Monday through Friday. Thought should be given for time of year and weather, meaning work may start at 6am during the hottest time of the year or perhaps, work will go later later in the evening at times. Manager should be flexible when making their schedule so that needs of the farm are put first. Manager should expect weekly check ins to go over each week’s plans and schedules. Communication lines should always remain open. Although the manager is making their own schedule, it still needs to be approved weekly by the farm owner.

Whats the job like: Although this is a management job, this is still a very physical job and the assistant manager is expected to work in all weather conditions including extreme heat, cold or rain. Experience working outside is a plus, but a love for the outdoors is a must. The assistant manager will oversee production of pigs, cattle, chickens (meat and eggs), veggies and cut flowers and whatever tasks may need to be completed to help in running these portions of the farm appropriately. The assistant manager will also see post production of all of these parts of the business to. This could be anything from feeding and watering to starting seeds in the greenhouse to processing chickens or loading pigs for processing. This could be packing and washing and more as well. The Assistant Manager is also in charge of ordering materials and supplies, tracking feed and seed needs and making sure we have the things we need to run the farm. The assistant manager will also help attend farmers markets, prep for markets and unpack from markets. The assistant manager could potentially be asked to assist with deliveries as well as pick ups and other farm errands. Assistant manager will also help take care of guests staying on farm and shopping. And may also have to help cleaning air bnbs if necessary.

Compensation Packages: As many people have different needs or desires, we have 2 different compensation packages available for our Assistant Manager to choose from at the time of hiring. This is a position for someone looking for 1 year + commitment

Compensation Package 1 – The Farm Life Package:
40-50 hours per week depending on season and garden needs
$600 paid per week as 1099 Contractor
Also included is 30 amp RV Site with water/electric/dump
5 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) every 6 months paid at $100 per day after first 90 days of employment
Ideal candidate is a single work camper or a couple with the second person, potentially looking for part time paid farm work – no dogs permitted

Compensation Package 2 – The Old School Package
40-50 hours per week depending on season and garden needs
$800 paid per week as a 1099 Contractor
5 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) every 6 months paid at $100 per day after first 90 days of employment

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