Content Creator

Part Time – Long Term – Year Round

Job description: Join our team as a content creator to help capture how our local organically grown veggies, meats, eggs, and more get from our fields and forests to our customers tables! Create video and capture photos of staff working, planting and harvesting, packing and more.

What are the hours like: This is a part time gig where you’d be working on farm for about half the time and editing content for the other half. Potential hires should understand that needs may change as far as some weeks content may need to be filmed more and other weeks edited more. You’ll have freedom to create, but you’ll have to also create content based off of things that the Farm Owner needs done.

Whats the job like: This is a physical job when you’re on farm shooting and you’ll be expected to work in all weather conditions including extreme heat, cold or rain. You may also have to come in super early some days or stay later others. Experience working outside is a plus, but a love for the outdoors is a must. Mostly your job will consist of moving around the farm with your camera gear and shooting. But you’ll need appropriate clothing to make sure you are protected from normal farm job hazards like uneven terrain and curious animals. You’ll need to have your own gear for this job, but no one is expecting you to come like your directing a blockbuster hit. A good quality phone that takes sweet pics and videos and a DSLR camera (whatever the hell that means) would be just fine. You’ll also need a reliable computer and editing software and know your way around it. You’ll need to be ok with seeing animal processing and harvesting and other “real farm life” things. A monthly content plan should be penciled out and reviewed at the beginning of each month.

We would have certain content goals to reach each week. For example, 15 quality photos depicting different scenes, 9 short videos of different themes or a series of 1 theme and 1 10 minute YouTube video. You’ll also be responsible for sending two marketing emails per week to our subscriber lists including some of the content you’ve created and content we provide or work together on.

This would be a great job for someone looking to build up their portfolio with a company that already has a very extensive social media following.

I’m not looking for Steven Spielberg, but you’ll have to submit some work that you’ve done previously to be considered.

Compensation Packages: As many people have different needs or desires, we have 2 different compensation packages available for our Content Creator to choose from at the time of hiring. 6 months or greater commitment

Compensation Package 1 – The Farm Life Package:
20 hours per week split between field time and edit time
$175 paid per week as 1099 Contractor
Also included is 30 amp RV Site with water/electric/dump
Ideal candidate is a single work camper or a couple with the second person, potentially looking for part time paid farm work – no dogs permitted

Compensation Package 2 – The Old School Package
20 hours per week split between field time and edit time
$400 paid per week as a 1099 Contractor

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