Lowcountry Farm Box Anticipated Contents

The Lowcountry Farm Box operates in a similar manner to a CSA – this means that subscribers understand that we are a small farm, and the exact cuts of meat, # of eggs, variety of veggies, etc. may fluctuate from month-to-month based on season, butcher availability, weather, or any of the many other factors inherent to small-scale farming that fall outside of our control. That said, we guarantee that you will get the full value of the box every month – substitutions are always made in equal or greater, never lesser, value.

This also means that customers who sign up for The Box are interested in and committed to buying from the full range of products we offer: forest-raised chicken and pork, naturally-grown veggies, pastured-raised & rotated eggs, and when available grass-fed/grain-finished beef.

While boxes are customizable, and it is not compulsory for subscribers to order from all of these categories every single month, we do not allow customization to the point of a “veggie only” box, or “chicken breast & ground beef only.” As a small farm, we rely on the sale of all cuts of meat and all sectors of our farming to remain in business. We allow this type of a la carte shopping via pre-sale for pick-up at our farm in Ridgeland, or at any of our local farmers markets.

The Box program is instead geared toward someone:
– looking to support the farm as a whole
– open to trying a variety of poultry & meat cuts, veggies, and eggs
– willing to be flexible with product availability fluctuations
– excited to try new things, and open to new culinary challenges (we’ll help you cook that whole chicken, we promise!)

The table below shows an example of a custom-built box, to give you a sense of what you might expect each month. Please remember that product options fluctuate based on season/butcher availability/weather/etc, and we cannot guarantee availability 100% of the time – survey options will vary slightly month-to-month:

Example: Regular Box – Custom Selections

Note that the total here comes out to $272 USD. The Regular Box value is $275, but as long as your selections are within +/- $10 we can usually make this work without having to remove/add product, or invoice you for extras, as most meat cuts are not packed in perfectly rounded weights of 1 lb, 2 lbs, etc. If there is a larger discrepancy, we will always call or text to see what you would like to add or remove.

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