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Our farm, Whippoorwill Farms SC is a small acre sustainable farm located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina in Jasper County.  We have owned our land for 4 years and became an official business, selling our products to the general public in 2018!  We work our land with the goal of helping to change the food system and better the environment, connect consumers to where their food comes from and focus on offering a product that is raised with incredible standards in regard to humane treatment of our animals and their health with keeping the pricing so that the general population can still afford our products.


Through our journey into farming, we have been treated with great generosity from family and friends and even customers, as starting a business and especially a working farm is not an inexpensive venture.  Our friends, family and customers have shown us so much love and support and we are always thinking of ways to give back.  Although we haven’t begun to actually turn a profit yet, it doesn’t stop us from trying to imagine how we can continue to give back.

Recently we have been given the opportunity to work an additional piece of land for a garden space.  This opportunity was just another incredibly generous piece of our working farm pie that is helping shape us into the farm we have envisioned ourselves to be.


We have begun to work the land and it has been an incredibly rewarding project so far.  Our almost 4 year old daughter loves helping at the garden and we are starting to see fruits of our labor truly take flight in this garden space.  Because of this generous opportunity, we were seeking a way to continue to give back to our community and also to pay it forward.

Jasper County, where our farm is located, is one of the poorest counties in South Carolina.  With an almost 20% poverty rate* compared to our neighboring county, Beaufort County who sits at 10%*, there is so much need that surrounds us.  This need is what has inspired us to start this new, small project…

The Whippoorwill Farms SC Pay What You Can Produce Stand:


With every harvest there is extra and although we have many animals that would love our additional harvests, there are people nearby that could use them as well.  We have started selling our vegetables at retail price at the farmers markets we participate in, we also have been consuming them ourselves, but the extras and the leftovers have a special place in our hearts.  And that place is right there underneath of the awning of our Whippoorwill Farms SC Pay What You Can Produce Stand!

Situated at the end of our driveway to our farm, we are a place that the mother of the children who haven’t had a fresh vegetable in days, can come and grab something nutritious for herself and her kids, even if it’s just for a snack.  If they can pay, great, if they cannot, that’s ok too.  But this stand is stocked with our extras and market leftovers, and anyone in need is welcome at any time to come and get what they need.  And of course, if you just love fresh, local, organically raised produce, you’re welcome too!

We have amazingly not only hit, but exceeded our $1000!  GoFundMe themselves even chose our campaign to donate $600 to! Our stand is built and is completely operational!  We are still accepting donations.  We hope to enclose the stand in the near future and install air conditioning to help us to keep our produce even more fresh!  We also use the additional donations for garden supplies, seeds and other expenses!

Donate Here!

Your donations, small or large will be so greatly appreciated and over time we hope to truly make a wonderful difference in our community thanks to your generosity!

We encourage you to follow along on our journey of this project and others through our social media accounts where we work hard to show the raw, reality and struggle of farming, but also all of the beauty that exists in our day to day life on the farm!

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