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The Box – A Monthly Meat, Eggs, Veggie and Flower Subscription Box for the Lowcountry Brought to You by Whippoorwill Farms SC

We are so excited to have you become one of our lucky members to receive The Box – a monthly meat, eggs, veggie and flower box from our farm, delivered straight to your door. We put together this little pamphlet to help you understand exactly how The Box works, your commitment to us and our commitment to you.

How We Raise Our Animals and Grow Our Produce?

Whippoorwill Farms SC is a Biodiverse Regenerative farm, meaning that every single day, we work to regenerate not just our soil, but our land and our forest ecosystems. Through the use of our livestock and their frequent rotation of our animals into new sections, help us allow the land to recover and regenerate over time. With a focus on soil health, water retention, biodiversity of our native and domestic animals and plants and a goal of carbon negativity, we work symbiotically with our land to create a farm that thrives, but an ecosystem that thrives with it for years to come.

Like our animals, our produce is raised with the highest environmental standards in mind as well as the highest standards of production for our customers. We focus on building healthy soil that in turn, builds healthy plants and food for us. We use compost, mulching, little to no till and many other techniques to help create functioning ecosystems under the soil in our gardens that grow the best tasting vegetables and flowers for us.
Is Our Farm Organic?
Our farm is not USDA certified organic, however as we raise our animals and grow our produce, we use all organic methods. We use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We use spent or wasted grain from local distilleries to help with their waste out put, all natural and non GMO feed and in some cases, when we’re able to get our hands on a pallet of Certified Organic Chicken Feed, we feed that to our chickens as well and keep batches separated as fully organic fed.

Do We Ever Buy Products From Other Farms To Supplement Your Box?
As far as meat goes, it’s taken us 3 years to get to the point where I am confident I can supply this box. There is also no other farmers in our area that I can think of that I would supplement our boxes with for meats because they just don’t do things like us. As far as vegetables go, we’re still learning. We’re hoping for successful harvests and if our spring and summer are any indicator of what to expect, it should be great. But if something happens, where on the vegetable side of the box, I feel that we should add or supplement from others, it would only be from other local, organically grown farms that I trust.

Understanding the Risk of a Local Farm Membership Box
As a member, you share in the fruits of our labor and have access first and always to our most sought after products, every month in your box. But we are a small farm and there is always the chance that mother nature throws us a curve ball, or even our butcher shop too. This means that there could be a part of your box that we may not be able to include at that time. If this occurs, we will do our best to make up for the value of the share by substituting something else in its place. We promise to communicate regularly to keep you informed of any changes or substitutions and we ask that you be patient with us as we do our best to mitigate the consequences.


When Does The Box Deliveries Begin and What’s My Commitment?

This is a 3 month commitment, charged automatically to your credit card. You are liable for each 3 month term. So for example, if you pay for a delivery in November, December and January and choose to renew your box, you will again be liable for payment for three months of February, March and April.

Payments come out automatically on the first of each month and the box is delivered the first or second week of each month usually on Thursdays. We will let you know your delivery schedule 1 week in advance. We give ourselves flexibility of delivery because of holidays.

You pay for the box 1 month in advance. For example, if a charge comes out of your card on Dec. 1st, it is actually for the box being delivered the first or second week of January.

Add On Options?
The week before each delivery we will reach out to ask about any add ons and give you a list of what’s currently available.

What Are My Other Pickup Options if I Don’t Want Delivery?
Come on our to the farm! Our address is 870 Tillman Road, Ridgeland, SC 29936
Come to the HHI Farmers Market on Tuesday from 9am to 1pm
Come to the Forsyth Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm

Can I Split The Box with Another Family?
Of course! But we will only deliver to one place, take one payment in full and pack into one box. Whatever you decide to do after is totally ok with us.
What Happens On Delivery Day if There is Inclement Weather?
We define “inclement weather” as hurricane evacuation orders being in effect, at which point we would hold your box on the farm in our freezers to ensure if power is lost, the meat would be safe in freezers powered on generators. We would make the deliveries the following week.

What If You Are On Vacation During Box Delivery?
We do not hold The Box for you or credit your account or double-up on boxes later. We are giving you delivery dates now to be sure that we plan ahead. But there are a few options if you will miss delivery day.
Have a substitute in your place to receive The Box and hold it for you or unpack it at home
Grant us access to the garage freezer or inside freezer to unpack and organize for you
Pick up on farm or send someone for pick up within a 3 day period before or after the actual delivery date. We do not have storage space for longer than that.
Can I Transfer My Subscription to Someone Else?
Yes! Simply contact us and let us know who is taking over your subscription. We can work
out the payment details. The new member can either reimburse you for the remaining shares, or we can work it through the farm.

Payment Policy
Everyone orders The Box through the online subscription platform and the monthly payment will be automatically deducted at the beginning of the month for the FOLLOWING month’s Box. For example, payments would be do in August for The Box to come in September. September’s payment will cover The Box for October and then October’s payment will cover The Box delivery in November.

What happens if I don’t pay my membership fee?
If your stored card is declined when the charge is put through at the beginning of the month, no shares will be distributed until payment is received. If payment has not been made by the second week of the month, we will consider this agreement null and void, and your subscription will be cancelled and passed along to another person interested in our subscription.

The Pay What You Can Produce Stand Mission Continues Here
It’s important to us that everyone have access to healthy, local, organically grown food. Because of that we’d like to be able to donate boxes to those in need each month. There will be an option on the website to gift a box or a portion of a box to a family in our area in need. If you are interested in donating, please feel free to gift a box or a part of a box forward. There is also a nomination form on our website where you can nominate someone that you know who would love a box or needs a box but cannot afford one. Please share this program with others you know to help us continue to provide nutrient dense food to those in our community who can afford it, but also to those who cannot.

Upon your purchase through the farm store, you agreed to the following:
Farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking. The Box could potentially vary from what was originally listed. Fluctuation and variations are inherent in farming (due to seasons, weather, pests, and other unforeseen forces of nature and our 3rd party butcher). Whippoorwill Farms SC will, to the best of our ability, provide the freshest, highest quality meats, eggs, veggies and flowers possible in agreement with the original list of goods. However, as purchaser, I understand I am assuming a mutual risk with my farmer, and that I share in the bounty as well as in the risks of agriculture. I agree to receive my Box on the listed dates or make other arrangements from the options listed previously. I understand that if I am not home to receive my box or if I have not made other arrangements, my share it will be donated. I can sell or transfer ownership of my share at any point but there are no refunds. When you purchase The Box, you are agreeing to these terms.


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