Our chickens raised for meat, are started free range and on grass from 2 weeks of age until harvest. They are 100% free ranging meaning that they are never locked into a coop, even at night. They have shelters which are moved around their pasture as needed but they go and come in and out from them at their leisure.

All of our chickens consume a diet free from animal by products.  The meat birds are fed a non-gmo (when available), high protein feed along with their constant access to grass.  Our meat birds are harvested on property and usually done the same week the meat is ordered and are rarely put into the freezer. The chicken has an in-fridge shelf life of up to 10 days and can of course be frozen as well. We vacuum seal all of our meat products for maximum freshness.

To order chicken or any of our other products please text or call Marissa at 843-473-5231 by the Saturday prior to the week you’re interested in pick up or delivery.

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