We’ve all heard of pasture raised, but on our farm, our pork is Forested! This means our hogs live in a very natural wooded environment! On a quest to raise animals in a way that is not only best for them and ourselves but best for the environment too, we are in the beginning chapter of creating a functioning silvopasture on our farm. By moving the hogs throughout the wooded environment of our farm, we not only are able to provide a unique forage environment for them, but we are also able to cut down our carbon footprint by not clear cutting trees for pasture and allowing our timber to thrive as well. With plenty of space to roam in an active rotational grazing atmosphere, our land thrives as do our animals!

Because our hogs still need supplementation, we continue to work closely with different agencies in the area that provide for food banks and take their produce that is not suitable for human consumption to help sustain our hogs.  2-3 times per week we get truck loads of produce, unload it, sort it and feed what we can to the hogs.  They eat fruits and vegetables, some of their favorites being spinach and bananas, watermelon, avocados and cucumbers. They also get bread sometimes as well, but the bulk of their diet is produce.  This means that our hogs grow out lean, their meat is a great balance between sweet and savory and the fat content has a much higher nutritional value than that of conventionally raised pork.

You’ll never find hog meal on our farm or grain and they only eat corn when it’s fresh off the cob!

If you’re interested in trying pork that’s a cut above the rest, reach out to us today!

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