Considering Buying a Whole Hog from Whippoorwill Farms SC or you’ve already put your deposit down?  Here’s what to expect to bring home to put into your freezer!

Terminology to consider:
Live Weight: Weight of the hog before harvest or any processing
Hanging Carcass Weight: Weight of the hog after being harvested, skinned, head and feet removed (this is the weight that the customer pays on)
Total Yield: Amount of pounds made into cuts or sausage

The Math:
The hanging carcass weight is usually 72% of the live weight and the total yeild is usually 50% of the live weight
If the live hog weighs 175lbs, you can figure the hanging carcass weight will be about 125lbs which is what the customer pays on, this will yield a total weight in cuts of about 85-90lbs.

*Please remember these are estimates as each hogs weight will differ and as you make selections for meat cuts, that will also alter the total yield slightly.

Rough Total Cost:
$437.50 plus additional cost per poundage of sausage or bacon (pork belly is not additional and can come as it’s own cut.  It is what bacon is made from and isn’t extra unless it’s made into bacon) with a 85-90lb yield on meat cuts
Cut wise, not including sausage leaves the customer paying about $5.15 per pound



Text or call Marissa at 843-473-5231 to set up your deposit today!



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