Our 40 Acre farm boasts a unique growing environment for a variety of poultry, seasonally ranging from heritage breed meat chickens, Pekin Ducks, Guinea Hens, egg laying chickens and more! Our poultry is an intricate part of the working ecosystem of our regenerative farm,

We utilize breeds of poultry that are hardy and efficient foragers, who not only enjoy thick forested spaces, but thrive in them.  From a variety of native grasses, grubs, bugs and anything else our animals hearts desire, they have full free range access over the land during the day time.  At night, our poultry go to sleep in mobile coops that are moved around the property to help them find constant access to fresh forage.

When purchasing poultry products from us, you should know you are in for an experience different from any other.  Unlike factory farms and most other farms boasting “pastured poultry,” we allow our birds to grow out at their leisure with their diet heavily reliant on the forage they find and very little reliant on grain. This means that our chickens are older, their bones are denser, they have beautiful yellow fat throughout and their taste is rich and flavorful and the meat has wonderful texture.  When purchasing with us, it’s best to get into the habit of using the entire bird, including saving the bones for stock as their bones are some of the most nutrient dense you’ll find.

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