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As close to the wild as you can get, our rabbits are raised in a free range environment on our farm.  They cohabitate with our egg laying chickens in a large forested area and are raised as a colony.  They enjoy digging, burrowing, running and playing.  To keep the breeding under control, our males that are used for breeding are kept in large condos where they also have access to dig and burrow and jump and climb.  The only time our rabbits are kept off the ground in cages is when they are ready to give birth or kindle.  After 6 weeks, our rabbits are weaned and the mothers return to the forest and the babies or kits grow out until they can be transferred to the condos and then transferred to the forest as well.


Like the chickens and the hogs, the rabbits diet consists of mostly fresh vegetables and greens.  Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinach and lettuce are all among their favorite foods.  They also have access to any forage available in the woods.  Their diet is also supplemented with alfalfa pellets which they have available to them at all times in the chicken coop.

We work with a local processor in SC for our rabbit, but they do not process rabbit year round.  So we do not always have rabbit available as we sell out and then have to wait for the next processing.  If you’re intersted in purchasing humanely raised rabbit, don’t hesitate to reach out to see when our next harvest will be or if we have any currently available!


If you’ve never eaten rabbit before, it’s an incredibly lean meat.  Even leaner than chicken.  The best way to cook rabbit is slow and low as there is not a lot of fat and you want to be careful not to dry it out.  Also because our rabbits are incredibly active, their muscles are large and lean.  Like our chicken, they need to be cooked with that taken into consideration.  Pinterest has a ton of rabbit recipes to check out and it’s wonderful cooked anyway you’d like!  A lot of people also make sausage with rabbit.  It’s a wonderful protein to add to your family’s plate. Our rabbit is sold for $10 per pound and harvested whole.

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