Pumpkin Rescue

The Annual Whippoorwill Farms Pumpkin Rescue!

Every year Whippoorwill Farms SC collects thousands of pumpkins locally to feed to their livestock and compost down so that we can continue as a community to reduce landfill waste while continuing in the mission of feeding the local community the best pork, chicken, beef, eggs and veggies available locally.

What started as collecting about a hundred pumpkins the first year, has turned into a very busy week each year of pumpkin collection right after Halloween. From “gleaning up” from fall festivals like the local month long festival each year at Holiday Farms in Grays, SC, big community wide pumpkin collections, farmers market drop offs and more, the team at Whippoorwill stays busy rescuing thousands of pumpkins each year from landfills and putting them toward growing and raising more food to feed the local community.

This year, you can take a trip out to Whippoorwill Farms in Ridgeland to feed your pumpkins to the pigs and chickens yourself! On November 4th and November 5th from 3-5pm only, you can come and bring your pumpkins to the pigs and chickens and throw them in to them and watch them enjoy!

The farm will also have their mobile market set up for purchasing pork, chicken, beef and more from the farm. And you will be able to also walk the farm to see the livestock and beautiful gardens.

Free admittance to anyone (walking age and over) with a pumpkin. Anyone without a pumpkin (walking age and over) can make a $5 donation (cash or card) to walk the farm and see the livestock.

And of course, if you cannot make it during these two days, you can still bring pumpkins out and leave them at the gate and the team will make sure the livestock get them! You can also bring pumpkins to any of our local markets and we also have a pumpkin pick up at Cypress Ridge in Bluffton at the amenities center on Friday, November 3rd from 5-6pm.

No dogs permitted on premises this includes leaving dogs in the car. This is for the safety of your dog as we have working dogs that could potentially view your dog, which is an outside animal, as a threat to the livestock, our working dogs are trained to protect.

As a reminder, this is a working farm that raises livestock for consumption. This is not a petting zoo and touching of any livestock or reaching over electric fencing is strictly prohibited. Keep in mind that terrain can be uneven, so anyone with a stroller or anyone that is less sure footed should take this into consideration as walking is required to get to the areas where the livestock are.

All pick ups and drop offs are held rain or shine.

Under South Carolina law, an agritourism professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an agritourism activity resulting from an inherent risk associated with the agritourism activity. Read full clause here.