Whippoorwill Farms SC Agritourism Campground Rules and Regulations

Whippoorwill Farms SC Agritourism CampgroundRules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are provided to ensure that your visit is pleasant and enjoyable. These policies are maintained in consideration of our guests and to protect the livestock and resources of Whippoorwill Farms SC. Please be sure that all members of your party are aware of these conditions prior to arrival. While this abridged listing does not include all regulations pertaining to activities on Whippoorwill Farms SC, it does address some of the more common questions and concerns. To ensure that your Agritoursim Experience is enjoyable, please be aware of the dynamic characteristics of a working farm and the natural environment.  There are some areas that may be potentially hazardous.  All visitors should exercise caution when visiting Whippoorwill Farms SC.

-There is a strict no refund policy on all reservations regardless of the reason for cancellation
-All guests must arrive between 3pm-7pm.
-Check is at 11am
-No dumping any refuse or waste, including grey water, from any trailer or other vehicle
-No operating vehicles in a reckless manner or under the influence
-No acting in a disorderly manner or creating any noise which would result in annoyance to others
-All animals brought on the farm must remain leashed or under physically restrictive control at all times
-All fires must be confined to designated grills or areas
-All fencing on property is electrified and should not be touched, reached over or climbed over
-No reaching into or climbing into animal habitats to pet or touch animals
-No persons or domestic animals may enter irrigation pond and caution should be exercised when around it as it is very deep
-Caution should be taken when walking the property as there is ground that may not be level and other potential walking hazards
-Please be aware of wildlife while walking trails and through woods, wild life should not be approached
-Children must be accompanied at all times
-All trash must be removed at the end of the stay

Any failure to abide by these rules will result in immediate removal from the farm with no refund for the remaining nights of reservation.

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