Shop with the Lowcountry’s Premier Regenerative Farm

If you’ve been looking for protein and veggie options raised as close to the wild as you can get, we have what you’re looking for. From pork, poultry, beef, eggs and veggies, all raised here on our farm, if you’re local to our area you’re in luck.

There are 5 ways to shop with us:
1. Check out our local market schedule below and visit a market
2. Place a preorder for farm gate pick up (7 days per week, 10am to 5pm)*
3. Become a local Lowcountry Farm Box Subscriber (LOCALS ONLY)!
4. Shop the PAY WHAT YOU CAN Produce Stand when it’s stocked**
5. Certain times of year, we will offer WHOLE HOGS custom cut to fill your freezer. Check here to see if this is currently an option.

*To place an on farm, gate pick up – text 843-473-5231 for availability list. Meat and eggs can be ready within minutes of ordering, veggies can take longer to have ready.

**The PAY WHAT YOU CAN Produce Stand is at the head of the drive to the farm & stocked periodically through the seasons. We always post on Facebook and Instagram when it is stocked. This stand is meant for our hyper local community to have access to natural meat, veggies and eggs. There is no set schedule or promise of availability.

As a reminder, the farm is not open to the public to wander or walk through. But we’d be happy to show what we do on one of our guided tours. Of course, other options to see the farm, would be as an overnight guest who is camping on the farm or by attending one of our many events throughout