2019 is our second year holding our Annual Pumpkin Rescue. This is a way for our local community to be able to dispose of their pumpkins by giving them new life on our farm! Pumpkins have a huge amount of nutritional value. From the seeds inside to the skin on the outside, every animal on the farm, from pigs, to chickens to goats can find nutrition in their favorite parts of the pumpkins!

Check out this video to learn more about our Annual Pumpkin Rescue!

All of November, members of the community can bring us their leftover pumpkins, whole, carved or even painted to any of the farmers markets we participate in or straight to the farm! Some of our customers even organize pumpkin drop offs in their neighborhood where later they could collect them and drop them to us, or if it’s enough, we would pick up! This year, we also worked with other farms in our area that hosted Fall Harvest Festivals and Events and picked up their leftovers! We do all of the labor for them in collecting and picking up, so it helps both parties!

And of course, if you brought your pumpkins to the farm, you got to participate in throwing them to the pigs and smashing them open for the chickens and watching them go crazy eating them!

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