Collaborate with Marissa Paykos
The Executive in Overalls

Owner and Operator of
Whippoorwill Farms SC

Since 2018, Marissa Paykos, a first generation, female farmer, has been tirelessly growing her brand, locally in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Now, years later, she is recognized not only as a Regenerative Farming Industry leader nationally, but as the premier brand in the Lowcountry Area for true, blue, good for you food. Marissa Paykos runs a diversified farm operation that offers organically grown and raised vegetables, eggs, pork, chicken, beef and much more. But she also has diversified well beyond those products too. From Lunch and Learns that feature farm to table meals and industry experts that speak on wellness topics to homesteading and farming classes and on site farm accommodations, Whippoorwill Farms SC has grown into a brand that offers something for every one.

Whippoorwill Farms SC has grown synonymous with trust and transparency and consumers look to Marissa for her expertise and opinion in providing when she can, or helping source when she can’t, products the consumer can truly trust. From the food products they sell, to the experts that speak at their events to the chefs they use at their farm to table dinners, you can guarantee that if Marissa is involved, you will only see industry leaders. Just like with her partnership with Duluth Trading Company, consumers have learned that if Marissa is representing a company or collaborating, it’s because she truly believes in the product or the company. You’ll never find Marissa representing or collaborating with brands and products she doesn’t 100% stand behind.

Marissa Paykos shown with eggplants from her garden up at the farm’s PAY WHAT YOU CAN Produce Stand