Fill Your Family’s Freezer

If you are looking for the best pork available in the Lowcountry, Whippoorwill Farms has you covered. Bred here, born here, raised here, never vaccinated, never given antibiotics, you can be confident that the pork you’re buying is 100% raised, cared for and fed as it’s advertised to be. Hell, if you order one, we’ll even let you come and pick it out! Our Custom Whole Hogs are only offered at certain times throughout the year!

Is a Whole Hog Right for Your Family?

Who Is a Whole Hog Best For?

A whole hog is perfect for someone or a family that #1 loves pork and #2 sees the nutritional benefits of and enjoys cooking and eating “nose to tail”

A whole hog is perfect for someone or a family that has the storage space in a deep freezer and is interested in making sure their family is stocked at all times

A whole hog is perfect for someone or a family that understands that purchasing a whole animal gives you a very slight discount off retail pricing, but it is more about supporting a local farmer and guaranteeing your family the absolute best food available to them conveniently at home

How are the pigs at Whippoorwill Raised and Fed?

Our pigs are bred here, born here and raised here. That means that we know the origin of our pork and how it was raised and treated with 100% certainty from start to finish. We have been working since 2015, growing our breeding program and our pork program. Our pigs are raised naturally in the woods and rotated through forest sections. They forage on roots and tubers, bugs, grubs and different foliage. They are an incredibly important part of helping us thin our forest canopy to create silvopasture, as they uproot saplings and even invasive species like kudzu vines and chinaberry trees. We supplement them with local distillers and brewers grain which provides great probiotics, fiber and protein for them. We also supplement them with high protein whole grains. Depending on the mixtures, there is rye, wheat, sorghum, rice, and corn and soy. Our pigs are not free fed, meaning they do not have constant access to grain, just 2lbs per pig, per day is supplemented. We are one of the very few farms in our area, that breed, farrow and raise 100% of the pigs in their pork program, to make sure our customers always know, they are getting exactly what we promise they are.

How Does Buying a whole hog work?

Once you pay your deposit online, we take the hog to the butcher for you. If you’re local to our area and want to come and choose the pig you are getting, we will even allow that. We will reach out once the deposit is placed for that option (there will be a limited time window for this option because of the logistics of loading pigs).

The butcher will hang the pig to dry age and give us the “hanging weight” which is the weight of the animal after the organs and hair are removed (still has head/feet/skin which you can get back if you’d like) The final cost of your hog, will depend on the hanging weight. Ideally your pig will hang somewhere between 175 and 225 pounds. The bigger the pig, the more marbling and better yield you’ll get. Once we have the hanging weight, we’ll call you to go over your cut sheet with you which is when you decide how you’d like your hog cut, portioned and if you’d like sausage/bacon. We can help walk you through all of this to make sure you understand all the options and what’s available. When your hog is processed and ready, you pick it up at the farm vacuum sealed how you asked and ready for your freezer! All meat is always frozen at the butcher.

*If you are in NJ/PA/DE and are ordering for NJ delivery, there will be an additional $100 delivery fee per pig to include delivery and dry ice. We will reach out after processing for exact date of pick up as we will need to coordinate the pick up from the butcher with the direct drive north. ALL OF OUR MEAT IS USDA STAMPED AND CAN TRAVEL STATE LINES

how much meat can I expect to get back?

Your hog will hang somewhere between 175-225 pounds. The amount of meat you get will depend on how much of the hog you decide you want back. The most bang for your buck would happen if you get back ALL the parts including bones. skin, fat and even the head etc. You can expect to get about 72% of the hanging weight back if you opt for the most popular cuts. The greatest yield would come from using all the parts (including the head)

What is The Cost?

The cost will be $9/pound on the hanging weight. This includes all butcher fees. There will be an additional cost (which is minimal) for extra sausage seasonings you may opt for like pure maple syrup or cheddar cheese. A non refundable $1,500 deposit is required to place your order and it will take about 6-8 weeks to get the pig back from the butcher. The remainder will be invoiced to you once we have the hanging weight (this happens fairly quickly) and will need to be paid BEFORE we bring the meat back to the farm. As an example, for a 225lb hanging hog, your total will be $2,025 (without extra spice costs).

Ready to order!?

Thank you for supporting our small family farm!